Daniel has over six years of experience in the field of Computer Science. In that time, he has completed many programming projects, acquired valuable expertise, and earned various accolades. You can learn more about his capabilities and accomplishments below.


GitHub Profile Contributions


HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, and jQuery (fluent)
Java Versions 8 and Up (fluent)
Processing for Java (proficient)
Python 2 (proficient) and 3 (fluent)
Pygame (fluent) and PyInstaller (proficient)
Pandas (proficient) and NumPy (proficient)
C and C++11 (proficient)
Perl 5 (minimal)
Bash (proficient)
MIPS (proficient)
LaTeX (proficient)
JetBrains IDEs (fluent)
Visual Studio (proficient)
Eclipse (proficient)
Brackets (proficient)
Git and GitHub (proficient)
Windows Command Prompt (proficient)
UNIX/Linux Terminal and Bash (proficient)

Awards (CodeDay)

Best Game - With These Eyes (Fall 2016)
Best Game - SuperHyperBuff (Winter 2017)
Special Award for Completeness in Design - QuoteMaker (Fall 2017)
Special Award for Creativity in Design - In Construction (Winter 2018)
Personal Commendation from Judges - Chef Spud (Spring 2018)
Best In Show - Pin Ball (Fall 2018)
Best In Show - Huevo Juego (Available Upon Request) (Spring 2019)