CodeDay is a 24-hour programming event held three times a year in 26 cities across the United States and directed at middle school, high school, and college students. It involves conceptualizing and developing a game or app alongside a team of like-minded individuals with the help of mentors. Programming experience is not required, and a diverse selection of workshops are available throughout the event for attendees of all skill levels, from first steps in programming to advanced techniques such as analytics collection and analysis. Tickets are only $10, which includes four meals, always-available snacks, and everything mentioned above.

Daniel has attended seven of these events, and his projects recieved awards at five of them. The full list of Blue Box projects that were developed at CodeDay, as well as any awards they won, is shown below:

Spring 2016 - You Sea, You Eat (N/A)
Fall 2016 - With These Eyes (Best Game)
Winter 2017 - SuperHyperBuff (Best Game)
Fall 2017 - QuoteMaker (Special Award for Completeness in Design)
Winter 2018 - In Construction (Special Award for Creativity in Design)
Spring 2018 - Chef Spud (Personal Commendation From Judges)
Fall 2018 - Pin Ball (Best Overall)