Daniel DeAnda is an amateur programmer, musician, and ludologist from North Carolina, currently in his Junior year of high school in the Sunnyvale/Cupertino area of California. He has maintained a straight A record since his 6th grade year and has recieved recognition in various forms for his academic excellence, programming projects, vocal capabilities, and leadership skills, including: membership with Duke University's TIP program in both 4th and 7th grade, formal recognition by the University for an exceptional performance on the ACT in 7th grade, formal recognition by The College Board as a National Merit Semifinalist (Finalist status pending), two awards for exceptional video game design alongside two distinct teams, an additional award alongside a third group for creativity and thoroughness in design of a web-based application, nominations for Most Valuable Performer in two consecutive years, three consecutive years of 'Superior' marks from either the NCMEA or CMEA (the highest rating awarded by these organizations) alongside two distinct vocal groups, and a first-of-its-kind award for vocal leadership from the director of one of these vocal groups. He is fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, as well as proficient in C++, Java, and the Git VCS. Currently, he is working to develop a high-school level class centered around the expressive, emotive, and experiential aspects of Ludology, a process which he is documenting here.